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Ponies Help Kids with Disabilities Focus on What They CAN Do
Imagine never being able to walk or even sit up straight and then, one day, you're able to run through a meadow and feel the wind against your face. That's the feeling that many children get for the very first time when they join the Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding programs at CAN-TR (Chatham Area Network for Therapeutic Riding), a new nonprofit founded and directed by physical therapist and Siler City resident, Lisa Reynolds.

Pregnancy Chic: The Fashion Survival Guide
Six years ago, two fashion executives and mothers-to-be ran into a dilemma when trying to figure out how to remain stylish and hip-looking while pregnant. So Cherie Serota and Jody Kozlow Gardner created a four-piece wardrobe consisting of the essentials - a tunic top, skirt, dress and leggings. They named their creation "The Pregnancy Survival Kit" and moms across the globe gobbled up the idea.

Identifying Gifted Toddlers
A gifted child demonstrates unique and clever behavior long before a school acknowledges it. Though, parents-especially new parents with little experience-may not recognize the special talents of their child until a standardized test or a teacher evaluation identifies those talents. Some parents may suspect that something is different about their child, but they shy away from the subject. Parents are the best judges of their child's abilities, particularly from infancy to seven years old; therefore, they should trust their instincts and act on them.

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